Cabrini (2024)

Deeply affected by the rampant disease and poverty plaguing the slums of New York, Francesca Cabrini, an immigrant from Italy, resolves to take action to alleviate the suffering of the orphaned children trapped in these dire circumstances. With a heart full of compassion and a spirit of resilience, she embarks on a courageous quest to challenge the indifference of the mayor and advocate for the provision of housing and healthcare for these vulnerable youths. Despite facing formidable obstacles and skepticism, Francesca remains steadfast in her commitment to championing the rights of the marginalized and underserved, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration in the face of adversity. Follow Flixtor Drama Movies for more.

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Title: Cabrini (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Biography, Drama
Director: Alejandro Monteverde
Writer: Rod Barr, Alejandro Monteverde
Stars: Cristiana Dell’Anna, John Lithgow, David Morse

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