Boy Kills World (2024)

The shaman takes Boy under his wing, introducing him to a world of ancient wisdom and rigorous training. Boy’s journey is marked by a relentless effort to suppress his childlike fantasies and harness his inner strength. The shaman’s teachings are harsh and unyielding, designed to strip away Boy’s innocence and replace it with the skills of a warrior. Each lesson is a step towards becoming an instrument of death, a process that requires Boy to let go of his past and embrace a new, deadly persona. Follow Flixtor to for more.

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Title: Boy Kills World (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Action, Crime, Thriller
Director: Moritz Mohr
Writer: Tyler Burton Smith, Arend Remmers, Moritz Mohr
Stars: Bill SkarsgÄrd, Jessica Rothe, Michelle Dockery

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